This past weekend was, you guessed it, my 21st birthday. For a big birthday like this one, you have to have the perfect outfit. There are going to be a million photos of you, and you have to make sure that you are wearing something that you look back on and love!

I chose to wear all black, because all black is slimming and sophisticated, duhhhhh! I bought this adorable romper from Nordstrom’s (surprise surprise) Top Shop collection, and it’s a super comfy jersey material. It’s a heavier jersey so it wasn’t clinging to anything that I didn’t want it to, and it was something that I wasn’t constantly tugging at! The neckline on it is a super plunge, and I wasn’t entirely comfortable wearing it without something underneath, so I paired with with a Victoria Secret halter top bralette. Again, this is something that is extremely comfortable, and looked cute peeking out of my romper. I don’t know if you guys are surprised or not, but I wore my Coach Primrose wedges, againnnnn… I debated on what shoes I was going to wear. I really wanted to rock a nice high lace-up stiletto, but with a day full of festivities, I know it was unrealistic. Therefore, the wedges (which are more of a platform), were the perfect shoe that I can wear all day long and still look put together.

So I love love love to layer my jewelry, so I bought a leather choker and layered it with a faux suede necklace that I tied in the center of my chest along with my Pandora symbol of insight necklace. I thew on a silver cuff bracelet and my Fossil watch (that is featured in this post) and I was good to go out and celebrate!

This outfit could not have been more perfect for the occassion- the level of comfort and ease was all that I could have asked for on a day that I had a million things to do. And as for the day, it was perfect and I have never felt more grateful.



Faux Suede Necklace here, Romper here, Choker here, Pandora Symbol of Insight charm here, Shoes here, Bra here


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