meet erin


Meet Erin 

Erin has a great sense of style. She’s got a boho vibe with a mod twist. She’s the kind of girl that can pull anything off.

For this shoot, I styled her in a pair of overalls (because lets be honest, who else can pull off overalls), and a flowy off-the-shoulder floral top. The top gives a little but more movement with the boxy overalls. The open-toed booties, the choker and the Ray Ban aviators add a little bit more edge and sophistication to the relaxed look.

With a look like this I felt that the railroad tracks by her house would be a perfect scene. The railroad runs through an entire neighborhood and it’s just sort of out of place. Since her outfit is unique and trendy, I felt like placing her into a unique environment was only right!

Might I say that this was the most fun I’ve had with a shoot in awhile. Erin is so easy to work with and she is naturally photogenic! If you want to see more of her style, follow her here!

Thanks for reading, guys!



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