spare keys and streetpops


This week has been hectic to say the least! I’ve been working open to closes left and right on top of school, so although my off day was going to be busy, I was still looking forward to it.

One of the things on my to-do list for my off day was to try streetpops, a little Popsicle shop in Over The Rhine. Everyone on my Instagram has been posting all of these fun pictures of them and these Popsicles, so naturally I had to do it too! For the record, I recommend trying streetpops if you are from the Cincinnati area, it’s a great summer treat, especially when you lock your keys in your running car and get stuck sitting in the heat for two hours….

Anyway, I decided that a T-shirt denim dress would be the perfect piece to wear. It’s summer, so I didn’t want anything too fitted. T-shirt dresses are my absolute favorite article of clothing. T-shirt dresses are a great way to look casual but still look trendy, and that’s exactly what I look for when I’m shopping. I never want to look like I am trying too hard, but I want to look like I have an eye for style. T-shirt dresses are so versatile, you can either wear them with tennis shoes for an athletic look or a pair of heels for an elevated look. Either way you can’t go wrong.

My shoes are Coach, and if we are being completely honest, the first time that I saw them I hated them! For one, I am not a fan of wedges, which these are, and the wicker heels were not my favorite either… But while looking for a pair of shoes to wear with my birthday outfit, my friend had me try them on and boy am I glad she did! I love these shoes! They are a perfect summer touch to any outfit and they are beyond comfortable. Since the entire shoe is platformed, it’s like walking with sandals on. And the leather straps form well to your feet. They are a timeless style and timeless color combination and staple pieces are what I live for!

I’ve recently become a purse junky… and I 100% blame Coach. But surprisingly enough, this clutch is not Coach, it’s from Anthropology. It was a super impulse by (my specialty) and a phenomenal deal… so I love to add it to any look to spice it up. I love clutches because I feel like they instantly help add sophistication to any outfit.

As for my other accessories, I love to layer. It’s usually my necklaces, but with this neckline I struggled finding necklaces that laid right. But, I did decide to layer my watch (which is Fossil) and a beaded leather wrap bracelet.

Over all, this is a great outfit to describe my style, and ironically it’s more denim! A casual t-shirt dress and a pair of heels are essentials for me. Wearing the combo is a good way to appear relaxed and casual but you still look like you have style and taste. There is so much versatility!

Thanks for reading guys, stay tuned for more!




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