baby blues

Baby Shower


Dressing for occasions like this always stress me out. I always want to dress to impress but I am always worried that I am going to overdress and end up having too much attention on me.
A baby shower is one of those events where you want to be stylish but never know what the tone of the party is going to be. Odds are, you don’t know every single person that is going to be there, so you don’t know what is overdressed and what is under dressed.
This Free People dress is the perfect piece for this. It’s a casual shift dress, but the embroidered flowers through the middle of the dress add just enough sass. Add a pair of booties (if you know me, you know that booties are my favorite addition to any outfit), and you have a casual look that still looks like you know what you’re doing.
But, you aren’t finished yet… accessories can make or break your outfit. For this look, I added gold toned jewelry because in the summer, gold jewelry complements a tan nicely! I love to layer my necklaces. I think that if you can successfully layer your jewelry, and make it look cohesive even when they are different brands, it says a lot about your taste. So, I chose to layer a Tory Burch chain necklace and a House of Harlow 1960 statement necklace because of the gold chains and the white accents complemented each other nicely. Then, by tossing on a pair of sunglasses give your entire look a more casual tone. Whether you are using it as a headband (and if we are being honest, that’s really all I ever use mine for), or you’re hanging them from your dress, it gives the idea that you are coming from the pool or running errands. And we all know, by adding a Coach bag to your outfit, it immediately elevates your look ;).
Thanks for reading guys, talk to you soon!

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